“Many of Houshang Amiri's teachings transfer from the bike to your life outside of cycling.”
- Tyler Hansen
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PCC Full Cycling Service Centre

March 02, 2014

At Pacific Cycling Centre we offer many other services that address all aspects of your training and racing to ensure you achieve your maximum potential and goals. All tests are performed by sport physiologists or lab technicians using a well advanced protocol and the latest testing equipment.

Note that athletes who sign up for one of our coaching packages will receive a 25% discount on the prices below.

Please bear in mind that due to equipment and facility requirements, these services are currently only available in Victoria, BC.

Services include:

Dynamic Bike Positioning

We use power meter and pedal stork analysis to maximize power transfer, pedalling efficiency and riding economy. Includes shoe positioning.

Aerodynamic Set Up

Using power meters, we examine power data files for each attempt and modify your position accordingly. It includes dynamic bike positioning.

Maximal Aerobic Power and Lactate (MAP)

Maximal is the peak value that can be achieved by correlating cycling variables. MAP refers to the peak work rate or power that an athlete can sustain using primarily aerobic energy systems. It is different from a VO2max test since it focuses on sustainable power and maximal oxygen consumption is not measured. This test is recommended for all cyclists using heart rate monitors, power meters and perceived efforts to measure training intensity. This test uses established cycling protocol and the latest testing equipment and technology available. It will determine your aerobic fitness on the bike and your lactate will be sampled by end of each stage of the test. There are limits to how the body can process these by-products - lactic aside - and it is important to determine the training target zones. After this test your coach will identify your specific training intensity targets for your training program based on your individual physiology; we pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and create a suitable training program for your needs and up-coming competition goals. Also, your coach will evaluate your progression over time and training effectiveness.


While this is not a cycling specific test it will be used for runners and triathletes. It measures the rate your muscles can utilize oxygen to produce aerobic energy and is the most accurate way to measure aerobic fitness.

Coaching Consultations

One-time consultation with the Master Coach.

For a complete list of services and fees go to:   




cycling, athlete, willock, amiri
cycling, athlete, willock, amiri
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cycling, athlete, willock, amiri