Track Cycling

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When we talk about track cycling, we are really talking about two separate streams (events):

  1. Speed Endurance Events
  2. Sprint Events

The key performance attributes and training routines for each is very different. Sprinting (200m ITT, match sprint, team sprint, Keirin, 500m, and 1,000m) has many requirements for top performance: physiologically it requires anaerobic alactic and lactic capacity and power, maximum speed, and speed strength. Technically bike handling, coordination and high cadence are essential along with a keen tactical and strategic sense. Because of this high explosive demand on the muscles, a sprinter needs to enter a race with a well coordinated and fully firing nervous system. So, complete muscular and CNS (central nervous system) recovery is a key factor for sprint events. While everyone is different, sprint track riders can spend 50% of their time in the weight room.

Endurance on the track is about “speed endurance.” Physiologically, this means aerobic power, anaerobic lactic capacity, speed endurance and acceleration. Technically, bike handling, coordination, ability to change speeds and smooth pedaling are paramount. A tactical and a strategic sense is needed for mass start events, while aerodynamics is critical for individual and team pursuit events. While short, relative to road racing, these events are still far too long to be performed anaerobically. Top endurance track riders are able to sustain near top speeds for extended periods of time. Preparation for these types of events is often misunderstood by riders. While training on the track is important, it is critical that track endurance riders are fit on the road first. As a road racer and time trialist, we have Svein do most of his training on the road. With the base he builds, it doesn’t take much time on the track to make him competitive at World Cup Track events.

Some Track Athletes We’ve Worked with...

Tyler Hanson

National Champion and Commonwealth Games Participant
Tyler has participated in nearly every major track event from Pan Am Games and Commonwealth games to National Championships and multiple World Cups. As an athlete who focuses on sprint events, he spends half his time in the gym and half on the bike.

Erin Carter

Multi Pan Am and National Champion. Track World Cup Medalist
As an endurance track rider Erin spent 60% of her time on the road. In fact, she became so accomplished in road cycling that at the Pan Am Games, she was able to win multiple track events and the road race in the same year. What set Erin apart was her high level of desire. She wanted to do everything perfectly.

coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri
coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri
May 29, 2018
PCC athletes crowned BC Champions
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coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri

Clinton Robert Avery (New Zealand) & Max Plaxton

coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri
coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri