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Our experience with triathletes is that fitness and hard training are rarely an issue. In fact, our biggest challenge is often keeping the athletes from over-training. The magic of triathlon coaching is ensuring our athletes get enough recovery while trying to train all three sports. As many of our past high level triathletes, such as Simon Whitfield, have observed, they trained too hard in their early careers. It was finding the balance between training and recovery that took them to the highest levels.

Another important philosophy at the core of a strong triathlon program is that all three sports must be trained together. Too often we’ve seen athletes spend three or more weeks focused on only one sport and lose all of their work in the other two. This doesn't mean there aren't times when an athlete needs to focus on one of the three events. This can be done, but it is important to build in a precise maintenance program for the other two so the athlete doesn't lose form.

Our Yearly Training Plan for a triathlete focuses on three core elements:

  1. The athlete must balance all three sports
  2. Constant adjustments to ensure proper recovery
  3. Train for every sport at least three times per week

Some Triathletes We’ve Worked with...

triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching

Peter Reid

Three Time World Ironman Champion

"'I meet with Houshang once a month' Reid said. 'He’s the guy who got back my cycling.' Reid takes that direction and formulates his training plans. Once it’s down on paper, he does it."
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Simon Whitfield

Two Time Olympic Medalist in Triathlon
Houshang worked with Simon during his early career, helping him with the fundamentals. What set Simon apart was how hard he worked. Whether it was the bike, run, swim, core, or technique, he was always training something.

triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching
triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching
May 29, 2018
PCC athletes crowned BC Champions
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triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching
triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching
triathlon, cycling, fitness, coaching