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- Rob Britton
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Key Performance Factors

How to identify your KPF's

by: Houshang Amiri

December 30, 2011

Success and performance in cycling is heavily dependent on precise individualized planning. As time is the most valuable factor, our goal is to make the most out of it and make each session count. In order to do so it is vital to:

  1. Identify the “Current Performance.” Where you are in physical and physiological readiness compared to your competition.
  2. Identify the “Performance Target.” The level you need to perform for the upcoming season and beyond.
  3. Identify the “Performance Pathway.”  How you are going to achieve the targets.

 As Key Performance Factors (KPF’s) are different for each cycling discipline, it is critical to know and identify the KPF’s for your discipline, e.g. if your main aim of your cycling discipline is Individual Time Trial,  the KPF’s are as indicated below.  This is an important step in order to know your Current Performance and set your new goals and objectives for a Performance Target. After pinpointing these factors it is essential to rank yourself against those KPF’s to recognize and establish the Performance Pathway.

Main physical KPF’s for Individual Time Trial “ITT”: 7 are very important – 1 is not as important

  • Maximal Aerobic Power 7
  • Aerobic Capacity 5-6
  • Anaerobic Lactic system Power/Capacity 1
  • Anaerobic Alactic Power/Capacity 1
  • Endurance capability 4-5

Speed: Acceleration Speed (Speed Strength) 1

Speed Endurance 5

Maximum Speed 1

Change of Speed 1

  • Muscular Endurance 7
  • Muscular strength 3-4
  • Efficiency: Riding Economy and Pacing 7

         Aerodynamics 7

  • Body composition 5
  • Flexibility 5

An experienced coach can provide important information to lead and manage progress allowing the athlete to focus on training.

At the Pacific Cycling Centre we are committed to developing your personal best and making you perform at your very best. With superior coaching and monitoring systems we will make you the next Champion.

athletes, cycling, willock, plaxton
athletes, cycling, willock, plaxton
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athletes, cycling, willock, plaxton

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