Short Term Training Programs

These plans, available to Elite and Master riders, are designed to help you with just the aspects of your training where you feel you need help. We analyze your past training and racing performances and target your specific needs such as strength, aerobic work, speed and sprinting, efficiency, and fine tune for your key event. The advantage of our short-term programs is that they allow you to get help where you need it without having to pay for anything else.

Often athletes want help from a coach with an aspect of their training like weights or specific sprint work, but want it without having to hire a coach for everything. That’s what these programs are about. Receive just the focused coaching you want without the full commitment. These programs are aimed at building and improving on any weakness you may have, and to complement your current experience in training and racing.

Programs are customized for each athlete. There are two packages available – Basic and Advanced.

Basic Packages
$775.00 (Monitoring component not available)

Advanced Packages
$1175.00 (includes program monitoring i.e. weekly assessment of your progress and weekly adjustment as needed based on your feedback)

Available Programs

Strength: Cycling specific strength, core endurance, and stability programs.

Aerobic: Areas addressed are Base aerobic endurance, aerobic power, and maximal aerobic power.

Sprinting: Speed, speed endurance, and speed strength are all covered.

Efficiency: Improve your riding economy and “on-the-bike effectiveness” (pedaling technique, spinning ability, climbing efficiency) customized to your type of riding and racing.

Training with Power for Time Trialing: Learn how to use power in practical terms and improve your time trialing ability.

Training with Power for Road Racing and Hill Climbing: Learn how to use power in practical terms and how to maximize and manage your effort on long climbs and road races.

Recovery and Regeneration: If you feel you are not improving and starting to plateau in your training. If you can’t hold the intensity or are feeling spent. If your HR is not going up in your training no matter what you do. Or if your sleep patterns are changing, then these symptoms could have long-term effects and cost you the season. Let us to take the matter off your shoulders and solve it for you and get you back on track (advanced package only).

Tapering and Peaking: Fine tuning and strategic planning will help you get the best out of your training. You will be able to peak at the right time for the race of your dreams. This program will have day-by-day Macrocycles focus on the key qualities needed for your event, while making sure you get the required rest and recovery for ultimate peaking.