“Houshang is dedicated, loyal, loves his work and is the best technical coach out there. He is up to date with the absolute cutting edge of sport science.”
- Erinne Willock

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Elite Gold

This program is for athletes who are focused on improving their training outcome, learning about performance factors and performance monitoring, providing an elite training opportunity regardless of your level.

If you want to see what a more scientific and directed training plan will do for you or if you are hoping to start racing at the National level and with domestic teams, then this is the right program for you.

To maximize the benefits of this program usage of a power meter is highly recommended. A personalized program is built from your questionnaire and feedback, and “PCC System Testing batteries” are regularly adjusted through the season by your coach, based on frequent training data (power meter, HR).

Athletes in this program will be coached by an Elite Senior Coach who works at the National level and has experience in all cycling disciplines as well as Triathlon, Ironman and Xterra. They will have extensive coaching experience with all level of athletes (from development to master athletes and age group athletes.) Coaches in this program have NCCP level 3 or equivalent certification and over 8 years of coaching experience.

Elite Gold


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One time setup fee$195
Multisportadd $179 / mo.
Minimum commitment3 months
TermsPricing is based on a 1 year contract.
 Fees are billed every 3 months.
 Add 20% to monthly fee for contracts under 1 year.
Coaching Expertise
Coaching levelElite senior, National level
Experience with all cycling disciplines
Experience with triathlon, ironman and xterra
Coached athletes of all levels
Minimum years of experience8
Training Program
Training with HR analysis heart rate data and use for creating target zones
Recovery and regeneration advice
Training and race nutrition advice
Overview of seasonal training plan (STP)
Goal setting based on questionnaire and self testing
Individualized training plan
Fully periodized yearly training plan (YTP)
Training with power advanced power analysis and target zones
Advanced heart rate analysis in direct relation to power output and training zones
Recover regeneration analysis 
Race recover regeneration analysis 
One week diet analysis 
Coach initiated commUnications ( phone or emails per week )Unlimited
Athlete initiated communications ( emails per week )5 max
Review of training files and schedule ( Mon - Fri )Weekly
Discount for Victoria based training camps30%
Race Preparation
Basic race strategy and logistical advice
Race tapering and peaking strategies built into your YTP for target races
Technical and tactical race strategy and peaking advice for target races
Modeled peaking strategies based on what has worked for you 
Testing & Evaluation
Re-evaluation of baselines at the start of each training block (new testing may be required)Additional fee applies
Full laboratory testing prescribed based on individual need ( map, max power, body comp, core strength and flexibility )Additional fee applies
Torque / pedaling efficiency and stroke analysisAdditional fee applies
Bike positioning and fittingAdditional fee applies
Other Services
Core strength advice
Strength program advice
Core strength & stability program
Strength and weights integrated into your program
Laboratory based video analysis linked with your testing sessionAdditional fee applies
Scholarships ( one discount per program )
Second full year contract5%
U23 athletes5%
Sports Canada carded athletes5%
National champion5%
Upcoming talent program PCC standards are met15%

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coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri
coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri
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coaching, cycling, victoria, masters, olympics, houshang amiri