Ethan Abbott cycling to a third place finish in the Elite ITT. Photo credit: Filip Funk Photography

Four PCC riders competed in the BC Road and ITT Championships last weekend in Langley.

Tristan Drews – who is having a phenomenal season so far – won the U23 Provincial title. Normally competing in U19 he received a temporary upgrade to U23. As the U23 and Elite races were combined, for a total distance of 155 kms, he also placed 4th overall in the elite category. The next day he came second in the 18.5 km ITT in the Junior category.

“This was a great performance and it showed how Tristan’s technical, physical ability and maturity was of a level that he could race in the elite category and perform well,” said PCC head coach Houshang Amiri. “For the ITT our goal was to work on his pacing and improve his PBs which he succeed at.”

Tristan Drews – U23 Champion. PCC photo.

Ethan Abbott achieved a third place finish in the Elite ITT despite his busy schedule at UBC dental school. He was focused on the ITT and attended as many training sessions as he could to prepare for the championships. “Knowing how busy and the amount of school work Ethan had, I am happy to see his efforts over the 37 km ITT and being able to pull off the podium finish in rainy conditions,” said Amiri.

Brenna Pauly raced in the Elite women’s race despite being sick and not riding for a week. “I was glad to see her recovered and able to race. As team captain she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mix,” said Amiri.

Iain Hay took the 2024 BC Road Championships title in the Master C Men’s category. The 92 km road race started on Saturday in cold and very rainy conditions, but Iain managed to get himself in a three-man breakaway and maintained a good gap from the main peloton to out sprint his competitors and take the title.

Iain Hay winning the Master C Men’s category. PCC Photo.

David Jackson raced in the 76 km Open Men (non-championship) category and managed to win the sprint from the second group in the race. Unfortunately he DNF the Elite ITT due to a rare tire puncture.

“Our goal in PCC is about offering opportunities to all levels of athletes, and help them bring out the best of themselves and achieve personal best’s,” sums up Amiri.

Top of the podium after a win in the criterium. Photo by L. Drews

PCC’s Tristan Drews competed in his first stage race last weekend – the Tour De Bloom in Washington. Riding for Glotman Simpson, he won two stages. “With wins in stages 1 and 3 this was good experience and bodes well for the future,” said PCC Head Coach Houshang Amiri.

Here is Tristan’s recap of the race.

The four-stage race kicked off with a windy 58-mile flat stage. I came into this race quite intimidated, especially by the number of strong cyclists that were lined up at the start of the race. Initially I was caught in the back of the peloton constantly fighting for position and it was quite mentally exhausting trying to find my way around the other cyclists. Eventually in the last 5km gaps were opening and I found myself In the front, with five other guys ahead. Holding my position leading into the last straight away, I made sure to get on any wheel that was to attack. I basically kept this idea in my head, and eventually someone did a massive pull in the last 800 metres, which led me into my first ever big win.

The next day was the 8.5-mile time trial, and my plan was to go hard but not reach my absolute limit, the idea of this was to save my legs for the later race. But I started a little too hard at the start and then found myself having trouble pacing in the second half. Not my best result, but I managed to take this as a learning opportunity for the near future.

Coming into the criterium, I had built up some confidence from the first race, my plan was to save my legs till the end, and not get caught behind any crashes since it was wet conditions, and we were going full speed in all the corners.

Towards the end of the crit I proceeded to push my way on the outside and get in a decent position, but on the last two laps everything changed and I couldn’t see any openings. Once we led into the last corner my position remained the same, and all I could do was give my best. After the corner I shifted on my hardest gear and reefed on my bars as hard as I could. As I looked ahead I could see I was making up positions very quickly, then all of a sudden I find myself throwing my bike ahead of me and crossing the line first.

It was a surreal experience knowing that my parents were there to watch. I’ve learned that your mind plays tricks on you, and you can doubt your own strengths.

Finally, the fourth stage concluded with a challenging 75-mile race, culminating into a steep 1.5km climb to the finish. Throughout this race I found my legs were working harder than I needed to. My plan was to stay with the leading pack till the end, which I did. But leading into the climb I got too excited and I blew my legs on the last 300 metres. I’m still proud of how I performed, especially under fatigue. All I can take away from this race is to be patient, especially near the end. 

My first ever stage race was an amazing learning opportunity, but more so the chance to grow my confidence.      

A winner at the Waterville Road Race. Photo by L. Drews.

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Photo credit: L. Drews

PCC cyclist Tristan Drews made it four in a row last weekend when he won the Southie Circuit Race in Langley. His previous podium wins were at the Thunderbird, Wix Brown and Thornhill Circuit Races. His next challenge will be the Junior/U17 track nationals taking place from March 29-31 in Bromont, Québec.

“My path to the nationals has been shaped by four challenging road races, each contributing to my growth and readiness for the grand event,” he says. “During these races I encountered countless obstacles, from treacherous weather to fierce competition. However, it was the Southie Circuit race that truly tested my mettle, as I found myself targeted by rival cyclists, pushing me, testing me to my limits, both physically and mentally.”

Before each race he incorporated training sessions at the track on Fridays in preparation for nationals. “These sessions were invaluable opportunities to acclimate myself to the banking and the speed of the track, refining my technique and building my confidence for the upcoming event.”

Tristan adds: “As I approach nationals, I carry with me the lessons learned and experiences gained from these races and training sessions. From staying calm when things don’t go as planned and using my strengths to the best of my ability. Regardless of the outcome, I know that this journey has been a triumph of dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to my craft.”


Tristan on the podium at the Wix Brown Circuit race. Photo: L Drews

Congratulations to PCC athlete Tristan Drews who won his second and third races of the season last weekend. He podiumed at the Wix Brown Circuit Race on Saturday in Langley following up on Sunday with another win at the Thornhill Circuit Race in Maple Ridge. This followed a track training session at the Burnaby Velodrome on the Friday.

Last weekend he won the sprint race at the Thunderbird Circuit Race in Langley.

“We used these races to gain experience and for fine tuning his race strategy,” said PCC head coach Houshang Amiri. “This will build a base line for the bigger races Tristan will compete in, in the summer.”


Tristan Drews on the podium. Photo: L. Drews

Congratulations to 17-year-old PCC athlete Tristan Drews who won the sprint race at the Thunderbird Circuit Race in Langley, B.C. last weekend.

It was a long day for Tristan as he caught the 7 am ferry from Victoria to get to the race site for the 11:30 am start. He put in a strong performance with a break from the pack to win.

“It’s a wonderful start to the season with this first race win,” he said. “Even Though the weather wasn’t favourable the heat within the peloton was high. I am super excited for the upcoming races, and to show more of what I got!”

The next races are this weekend, the Wix Brown Circuit Race on Saturday, March 9 in Langley and the Thornhill Circuit Race on Sunday, March 10 in Maple Ridge.

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On the podium at the 2022 Masters Track World Championships. Photo: PCC

PCC athlete Renate Walton has been added to the Historical Canadian Track Records. Her performance at the 2022 UCI Masters Track World Championship in Los Angeles in the 2000 metre IP (Individual Pursuit) earned her a Gold medal and World and Canadian titles (her time was 2:59:027).

At the same event she won a Silver medal in the 500 metres ITT, also a Canadian record in her W65+ age group, in a time of 44.65.

Congratulations Renate.

Registration is now open for the final early season training camp from February 16 – 18. Based in Victoria, BC the camp is led by head coach Houshang Amiri.

The camp is placed in the end-mesocycle of the specific preparatory phase and is structured to maximize skills in an athlete’s desired discipline. The three-day camp will include 3-4 hour endurance rides where riders will be evaluated on their aerobic base and power. There will be a presentation, Q & A and a guest speaker.

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Tristan Drews on the podium at the BC Track Championships. Photo: PCC

Two PCC riders participated in the BC Track Championships this past weekend at the Burnaby velodrome – Tristan Drews and Amiel Flett-Brown.

This is Tristan’s first year as a junior rider and he started track training late summer in Victoria. In Burnaby he competed in the Scratch race, Points race, Individual Pursuit, Kilo 1000m ITT and the Omnium finishing second in all of them.

Tristan (right) preparing to race. Photo: PCC

“At the track provincial championships there was only three male Junior riders so they ended up racing in the elite male category,” said PCC head coach Houshang Amiri. “While this wasn’t an ideal situation, this did open up a new opportunity to race with the best in BC in track cycling including some National team members. This was a steep learning curve for Tristan with less focus on results, and more on gaining experience and to know the pace and skills he needs to work on in the coming months and years.”

“While navigating the velodrome’s twists and turns, I got a glimpse of the art of track cycling,” Tristan said. “Figuring out how to cut through the wind without losing speed, riding elbow-to-elbow with fellow cyclists in the pack taught me that split decisions in your position can make or break a race. Provincials showed me that strategy is just as vital as raw power.”

Tristan’s next race is the Junior Track Nationals Championship in Sylvan Adams Velodrome, Bromont, Quebec at the end of March 2024.

Amiel Flett-Brown (left) was 2nd in the Points race. Photo: PCC

Amiel had a good event finishing second in the Points race, fifth in the Scratch and seventh in the Omnium.