"Having this service available to cyclists looking to take the next step in their progression is really important for cycling in Canada."
- Rob Britton
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New Talent Development Program Launched

September 17, 2012

cycling, athlete, willock, amiri

Pacific Cycling Centre (PCC) and Russ Hay’s Bikes have partnered on a talent development program that will identify a group of athletes who have the potential to progress to elite status, and compete in World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games in the next two quadrennials. Athletes in U17 and U19 categories will be identified and those in the first year of U23. The program is designed to assist these athletes in developing their physiological, technical, tactical and mental skills for competition at the elite level. 

The first phase of the program will run from November 30, 2012 until October 30, 2013 with the goal to create more strength and depth in BC and Canada’s national team program by assisting athletes to become elite performers through focused training and a supportive environment. The objectives of the program are to channel athletes into national team programs and to maintain a permanent, high-performance training group of national team and pre-national team athletes at the Pacific Cycling Centre, with the appropriate coaching and support system.

The athletes training will be based on the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model at the Learn-to-Train, Train-to-Train and Train-to-Compete levels.  Athletes from road, track and mountain bike will be accepted into the program, and will have access to the highest quality professional coaching and training in a peer group setting, training camps, regular physiological testing, and support at competitions.


  • Personalized annual training programs and individual Yearly Training Plans (YTPs) supported with individual consultation and feedback.
  • Program will include training camps with specific training objectives and physiological testing and monitoring
  • One-to-one coaching and consultations provided as required.
  • All training sessions will be monitored and will use Power Meters and heart monitors.
  • Mentorship opportunities by PCC Elite Olympian athletes including Erinne Willock and Svein Tuft.
  • Opportunity to participate in races, based on the athlete’s development in the program. This would include travel to races, race entry fee and accommodation.
  • Athletes in this program will be part of Russ Hay’s/Accent Inns Elite Racing Team with all team members receiving race and training clothing. Specialized bikes are the team’s official bikes and they will be offered, as well as equipment, at a special prorated price.  

“Having a full development program that includes coaching, racing, and equipment creates a very exciting opportunity for Canadian cyclists,” says PCC head Coach, Houshang Amiri. “In the past few years most of sport funding has gone to the top elite level. We were desperate to have a program like this to support future Canadian champions systemically and continuously based on the LTAD model.”  

“Russ Hay's is excited about partnering with Houshang Amiri in developing Canada's top cyclists of the future,” says Mike Clermont, owner, Russ Hay’s Bikes. “Houshang is one of Canada's premier cycling coaches and is highly respected by some of the best cyclists in the world.”

Deadline to apply for the program is October 20, 2012. Interested athletes can send a race CV and cover letter to info@pacificcyclingcentre.ca  Click on the PDF link for more information

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cycling, athlete, willock, amiri
cycling, athlete, willock, amiri
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cycling, athlete, willock, amiri

Rob Britton, Tyler Trace and Dave brooks getting ready to mountain bike during a 2008 winter training camp