“I am not getting any younger but I am getting faster and stronger, so Houshang must be doing something right.”
- Brian Cowie
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PCC Accepting Applications for Programs

September 25, 2017

cycling, athlete, willock, amiri

Pacific Cycling Centre (PCC) is excited to announce that new applications are now being accepted for on-line and Victoria-based athletes for the 2017-2018 Development and High-Performance Development Programs. The 2016–2017 season was another great success for PCC riders and athletes, resulting in PCC coached riders achieving podium performances throughout the 2017 season. Many made the National team competing at the UCI World Championship and with top teams in North America.

The 2017-2018 program will identify a group of athletes who are committed to excellence, and who are willing to develop their potential to progress to the next level and eventually to elite status. The goal would be for them to make the National team, National trade team and continental teams. Men and women in U17 to U23 would be channeled into the development and HP racing team, maintaining a permanent, high-performance training group at the Pacific Cycling Centre, with the appropriate coaching and support system.

The athletes training will be based on the Cycling Canada Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model at the Train-to-Train, Train-to-Compete, Learn-To-Win and Train-To-Win levels.  Athletes from road, track and mountain bike will be accepted into the program, and will have access to the highest quality professional coaching and training in a peer group setting, training camps, regular physiological testing, mentorship opportunities with Olympians, and for those showing talent, support at race competitions.

“Having a real full development and HP program in Victoria BC that includes coaching and racing opportunities with their desired team, and providing a professional suitable sport career pathway to move PCC rides to the next level, creates a very exciting opportunity for the next generation of upcoming cyclists,” says Houshang Amiri, PCC Head Coach.

PCC will kick start the 2017-2018 season with supervised training sessions from November. In addition, weekly group rides and indoor training sessions aimed at flexibility, core strength / stability, and dynamic strength will also be incorporated as key components of developing the physical and psychological base over the off-season phase. Regular training presentations and information sessions lead by sport experts will provide the riders with a base knowledge and understanding of sport.

Interested athletes can send a race CV and cover letter to info@pacificcyclingcentre.ca

PCC also runs many camps (road and track) during the off-season: visit here for camp details and to register http://www.pacificcyclingcentre.ca/camps/default.html

In addition to the road camps PCC also runs many track camps at the velodrome in Burnaby, BC.

During fall and winter all PCC riders are eligible for full assessment and testing, including body composition, functional movement assessment specific for cycling, lactate profiling, maximum aerobic power and MLSS, and Wingate testing, as well as on bike assessment – riding economy, pedal stroke analysis and aerodynamic bike setup and fitting.

cycling, athlete, willock, amiri

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